” I don’t ask you to understand me. Between us all the time were those jewels, like a fire – a fire in my brain that separated us – those jewels which I wanted all my life. I don’t know why… Goodbye, Paula.”Gregory Anton- Gaslight 1944

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It’s a Man’s bag…

It's A Man's Bag...

More and more men are embracing the idea of a man bag. They are now seen as a fashion accessory for their day to day errands. Whether you’re on your way to the gym, at a festival or just spending the weekend away, there are numerous shapes, sizes, colours and styles available for all sorts of need.

I most recently found myself looking for a Satchel to carry my laptop around, and I came across a variety of choices that I would like to share with you.

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Black Spring

While I was shopping the other day, I came across some amazing collections by  well known High Street Stores, that I thought I should share with you guys… These lovely items are just perfect for this spring… get shopping 🙂




Dark Cardigan £29.99

Dark Jumpsuit £39.99

Sleeveless T-shirt £19.99

Dressy Leather Sandals £39.99

(Photos from

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” It is the right of man to give meaning to that which has none” – JAk FLash

Major Arcana Jak Flash 3


“A portrayal of the birth of sin in the Garden of Eden. A time when the creation separates itself from the creator and dawns new life stricken with mortality.”

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Top 12 Hi Tops

Top 12 Hi Tops
So I found myself thinking that I should get myself some new Hi-Tops and look at some of this amazing shoes I came across, they are all amazing… Help… 😛

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