” I don’t ask you to understand me. Between us all the time were those jewels, like a fire – a fire in my brain that separated us – those jewels which I wanted all my life. I don’t know why… Goodbye, Paula.”Gregory Anton- Gaslight 1944

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Black Spring

While I was shopping the other day, I came across some amazing collections by  well known High Street Stores, that I thought I should share with you guys… These lovely items are just perfect for this spring… get shopping 🙂




Dark Cardigan £29.99

Dark Jumpsuit £39.99

Sleeveless T-shirt £19.99

Dressy Leather Sandals £39.99

(Photos from

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Solar Eclipse March 2015

Solar Eclipse- Blue Gel

Solar Eclipse- Blue Gel

Today’s solar eclipse was one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in a while. We spend so much of our time thinking about our daily tasks, easily forgetting where we are and that events like this happen out there in space. Everyone seems to be uploading their photos on their social accounts and I can see the frustration in some of my friends post for living in the cloudy U.K.. I got up specially early for this and instantly got annoyed. All I could see was this grey blanket covering the skies, luckily it opened up and I manage to get some amazing shots. I’ve tried using different setting on my camera, as well some gels just to get a variety of images, I also had to wear 3 pairs of sunglasses to be able to see the sun without actually affecting my eyes. hope you like, let me know 🙂

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