” I don’t ask you to understand me. Between us all the time were those jewels, like a fire – a fire in my brain that separated us – those jewels which I wanted all my life. I don’t know why… Goodbye, Paula.”Gregory Anton- Gaslight 1944

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Essential Beard Care- Beard Oils

Beard cover

Growing a beard may be a statement, but also requires some maintenance, I have had facial hair for over 4 years and I have to say it requires some attention. Beards can get just as dirty as your hair and there is nothing worse then a flaky, dusty and shaggy beard. I find that the best way to keep either a stubble or a full grown beard healthy, is to just use some beard oil, this not only softens your beard giving it a nice shine and smell, but also helps hydrating your skin, which is much needed specially if you live in a cold or dry climate. here some tips for you.

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Designer Mesh Panels

Designer Mesh Panels

KTZ Mesh Tee
£285 –

Hartono Bambang Mesh Striped T-Shirt
£89 –

Alexander McQueen Techno Mesh Crew-Neck Knit Jumper
£695 –

Raf Simons Kimono Neck Mesh Tank
£340 –

GIVENCHY Basketball-panel runway shirt
£550 –

Walter Van Beirendonck Animal Big Mesh T-Shirt
£590 –