Hi my name is Luis Cruz, I’m a Bristol UK based Photographer, Fashionisto and a very crafty man, I love traveling, cooking and most of all, socialising.

       I launched Opus Cruz in January 2015, as I want to share with others my array of passions in hope I can connect with others with similar ideas. In Opus Cruz you will find all my photography projects, as well as my review on other artists, a variety of lifestyle blurbs from my experiences in traveling to my home cookings and obviously fashion articles that I will be posting every other day, I’m a strong believer in the importance of looking good, but most importantly in how to feel good about ourselves, hence why my blog.

       I also hope I can be of help to others and please feel free to drop a message. look forward to hear from you. Xx

2 thoughts on “About

  1. gayla says:

    Hey Luis

    Had to really check twice to see if this was you. This is Gayla (from the sidewinder open mics). Maybe u don’t remember me. Anyway im in London now. New job and new flat. Came across you on pinterest. So glad you are progressing as an artist/photographer. I am actually inspired. Are you still in Brighton or other? Anyways, hope you are keeping well and good luck with your projects. GXX


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