Luis Cruz

Early in the season, it came to my attention, that this summer there was a lot of fruity patterns. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the pineapple craze!? Initially I wasn’t really sure if I liked or even thought it to be a tad girly. As I shopped around, I noticed that men have also embrace this trend. The top 3 fruits seem to be pineapples, watermelons and bananas; I have found a huge range of products that vary from clothing to accessories… Join this fruit salad, after all, we must take our vitamins 😉

Pineapple Tee

ASOS T-Shirt With All Over Pineapple Print In Relaxed Fit – £14.00

Banana Jumper

ASOS Jumper with Bananas Design £30.00

Watermelon case

iPhone 5C Case – Watermelon Whale – $ 5.27 (£ 3.38) 

Pineapple Case

Case Cavern Pineapple Fruit iPhone Case – £10.54

Banana case

Skinny Dip Banana Googly Eyes iPhone 5 Case – £15.00

Watermelon Watch

ASOS Watermelon Watch – £20.00

Pineapple shorts

Banana Shorts

River Island Blue banana print swim shorts Was £22.00 Now £12.00

Watermelon hat

ALL shorts

ASOS Woven Shorts With Fruit Print – Was £20.00 Now £9.00

All fr

ASOS Jumper with Pineapple Design – Was £30.00 Now £18.00

All Fruit

ASOS Shirt in Short Sleeve With Fruit Print Co-Ord – Was £22.00 Now £13.00

Pineapple jumper

Bellfield Knitted Jumper With Pineapple Jacquard – Was £38.00 Now £23.00

banana watch

ASOS Banana Watch – Was £20.00 Now £12.00

Watermelon socks

Watermelon Motif Socks – £3.00

Pineapple pocket

ASOS T-Shirt With Pineapple Print Pocket And Relaxed Skater Fit – £12.00

banana mug

Banana Mug – £18

Watermelon Lamp

Happy Shopping 🙂

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