Essential Beard Care- Beard Oils

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Growing a beard may be a statement, but also requires some maintenance, I have had facial hair for over 4 years and I have to say it requires some attention. Beards can get just as dirty as your hair and there is nothing worse then a flaky, dusty and shaggy beard. I find that the best way to keep either a stubble or a full grown beard healthy, is to just use some beard oil, this not only softens your beard giving it a nice shine and smell, but also helps hydrating your skin, which is much needed specially if you live in a cold or dry climate. here some tips for you.


Always make sure you shampoo and even condition it, most guys just don’t bother with this and the ones that do, use just a regular shower gel or face wash. Don’t. Most of this products contain ingredients that will dry out your beard and your skin beneath. Conditioning will also help from getting wiry beard.


Just like when you grow your hair, every so often is important to trim your beard and get rid of those split ends, to ensure healthy growth. If you have short beard some electric trimmers will do, but for shaping bulky beards just use grooming scissors and combs.

  • OIL IT

The use of a beard oil is essential to keep your beard and skin healthy. This will soften your beard, give it a nice shine and obviously smell great. The best time to apply this is right after your morning shower or face wash, this way your hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil, helping moisturising your skin too.

There is a huge range of this products available in the market, made of Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Argan, Jojoba and many more ingredients. Here some I found.

1 – THE BRIGHTON BEARD COMPANY– Old Joll’s Black Pepper and Grapefruit Beard Oil 

£7.95 for 10 ml or £18.95 for 30 ml

Old Joll beard oil is handmade and contains only the best ingredients to nourish your facial hair and the skin beneath – it’s even great for stubble. Containing jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils Black Pepper and Grapefruit; the product will soften, treat and stop the dreaded beard itch, whilst promoting new growth.

2. TUSCAN ENGLAND- Beard Oil Mini Collection

£16.99 for 4×10 ml

Tuscan £16.99Experience Tuscan’s full range of beard oils in their 10ml forms at a great price. The set includes classic Vanilla, woody and luxurious Sandalwood & Cedarwood, fruity Orange & Sandalwood and lastly Tuscan’s new  signature Black Label beard oil that is an incredible smelling mix of Bergamot, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

3.  PERCY NOBLEMAN- Percy Nobleman’s Beard Oil Unscented 

£19.99 for 100ml

Percy Nobleman's £19.99

The perfect remedy to any coarse or damaged beard, made from a special mix of oils including Argan, Jojoba, Avocado & Almond.

4. BEARDBRAND- Tea Tree Beard Oil

£24.99 for 30ml

beardbrand £24.99

The Beardbrand beard oil is designed to be very lightweight and will help keep your beard conditioned and shiny. Because it’s a lightweight blend, it won’t weigh down your beard or feel greasy. This product blend includes Tea Tree, Peppermint and Vanilla.


£28 for 50 ml

Murdock Beard oil £28

Moroccan Argan, Jojoba, Apricot & Sunflower Oils help strengthen, soften & smooth beards.
Beard Oil conditions facial hair and provides a healthy shine.

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2 thoughts on “Essential Beard Care- Beard Oils

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for this post Luis I was recently looking for some of this but i didn’t know what to buy this is very helpful,
    Great stuff


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