” It is the right of man to give meaning to that which has none” – JAk FLash

Major Arcana Jak Flash 3


“A portrayal of the birth of sin in the Garden of Eden. A time when the creation separates itself from the creator and dawns new life stricken with mortality.”

Major Arcana Jak Flash 1



Major Arcana Jak Flash 4


“Plagued by physical ties it is through a change in perspective that we can really begin to realise our true place in existence”

Major Arcana Jak Flash 5


“A break down of physical bonds, a change in direction for the journey we take and the beginning of a more spectral embrace edging closer to the realm of the creator away from his physical construct”

Major Arcana Jak Flash 7


‘A blinding embodiment of lies, for when he shines he blocks out the sky. We require him to live but should you remain in his glory too long be prepared to burn.’

This is a series of photos that I had to share by talented Jak Flash. I have always been fascinated myself about the Tarot cards. I remember when I was a teenager, a friend of mine handed to me this present, when I unwrapped it I saw this beautiful deck of Tarot cards, The Tarot Of Casanova”, a very erotic deck I have to admit, with stunning art by Luca Raimondo, inspired on Giacomo Casanova and his memoirs. It didn’t take me long to learn about it and attempt to do readings on my friends.

When Jak Flash had showed me this images and told me what it represented, I realised I had to post his amazing work. Jak always had a fascination for the mysticism himself, and as Tarot cards are full of hidden meanings and mystery, Jak decided to create a series of photos that meant, had depth and existed for more than just face value, encouraging the viewer to really consider the reasoning behind the creation and its effect on and in relation to oneself. Jak also found during his research about the Tarot cards that these are deemed to be applicable to life and society. He then broke down the meanings that made themselves apparent to him and reconstructed them how he thought they should be perceived. 

” …I wanted the inspiration behind the images to come from within so I tried various techniques to build up ideas. I began by researching people who claim divinatory powers such as shamans and looked briefly into the processes they go through. One that really interested me was the practice of asceticism. Asceticism is the exercise of abstinence from worldly pleasures in order to work towards a goal such as spiritual fulfilment…” 

Jak Flash was born in Nottingham in 1989 and grew up in Lincolnshire, having moved to Birmingham on the same day of his GCSE results, he then headed to Birmingham City University, where he initially pursued the route of graphic comunication. It was in his second year that he made the decision to focus on photography.

Since then Jak Flash had developed his production methods to create visually inspiring images, was awarded a fund grant from Birmingham City Council that was used for the creation of the “Major Arcana” with the participation of many members of the local community and went on to be exhibited around the city. Before graduating from university Jak was nominated in the Visual Communication Brian Awards 2010 in the fine Art Photographer category.

After university Jak moved to Bristol where he was involved in many projects and opened his first Photography studio. Most Recently Jak based himself in London where he set up his second studio and is currently involved in a variety of projects including his YouTube video tutorial on experimental creative make-up.

If you wish to see more of Jak Flash’s work click here. Also check out and Subscribe to his YouTube account for make-up tutorials here.

Photos By Jak Flash



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