MESH : …”a material made from threads or wires with evenly spaced holes that allow air or water to pass through”….

As I’ve recently posted an article about the Neoprene in Fashion, I found myself thinking , maybe I should also mention the so popular Mesh designs, found so often this days in our favourite clothing lines. Mesh fabric allows your body to breathe, heat to escape and the fabric to dry four times faster than 100% cotton.

Mesh Panel T-shirt

This material has also been used for a while in sports. I’m sure that I used to have a basketball vest when I was a kid made of this material. Spring is springing and the sun is finally out again, so I’ve accepted my friend’s challenge the other day, to a basketball game.

Basketball Court


Mesh Panel

I couldn’t think of what to wear, when I then realised,  I had a mesh panel T-shirt somewhere in my wardrobe. I have to admit it made all the difference as soon as i started to warm up, I felt comfortable, didn’t have a sweaty T-shirt attached to my body and most of all I looked great even at my worse. Its such a “COOL” look too. 🙂

Sunset at the Basketball Court

Mesh Panel T-shirt



Photos by Opus Cruz and Benjamin Robert Muir

I’m wearing a last season mesh panel T-shirt from Asos, drop crotch pants from Zara and My grey Nike air.

I Found some great items of clothing from a varied range of prices, here are the high street options, and go to my pin-ups  menu to find a selection of designer options. (love the Walter Van Beirendonck Animal Big Mesh T-Shirt) check it out 🙂

High Street Mesh

Mesh T- shirt

ASOS gray t shirt

Topman Sweater

V Mesh Trimmed Tee by Buyers Picks

Mesh Long Tee by Rocawear BLAK

River Island Black casual mesh detail bomber jacket

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