Neoprene- From the Seas to the Catwalk

IMG_1396 copy

I couldn’t let this trend pass right under my eyes, without making a post about it. I was raised surrounded by the sea and as a teenager I would spend hours in the water attempting to surf. When the winter temperatures arrive is very essential that you wear a wetsuit, as it provides excellent insulation against cold.Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that was originally used for industrial purposes. Having such uniques properties (resistance to heat and insulation against cold) it didn’t take long until various garment manufacturers got their hand on this material, and started using it for sportswear, such as the wetsuits.

Being very familiar with this material, I’ve become slightly excited about its usage in fashion, It’s very comfortable, warm and light. Various attempts have been made in the past but maybe we weren’t quite ready for the geometric shapes, oversized, some may even say, slightly futuristic look, back then. In recent seasons designers such as Givenchy, Lanvin, Calvin Klein and Gucci, as well as High Street Shops such as Zara and Topman have not been intimidated by its controversiality and have created some great items of clothing.

Frankie morello

Frankie Morello neoprene sweater (photo from Frankie

Givenchy Basketball print neoprene sweatshirt (photo from Pinterest)


Kenzo “Lotus Eye” neoprene Sweatshirt (photo from Pinterest)

I Have Also found some lovely Items at more affordable prices.

 I’m wearing: T-shirt- Topman Neoprene Black tee, it was one of my xmas presents from one of my best friends so i’m not sure of the cost but its somewhere between £25-£30 . My photos by Benjamin Robert Muir

Hope you enjoy XXX

One thought on “Neoprene- From the Seas to the Catwalk

  1. Paco says:

    Buenas! Encontré este blog através de google y me parece que está muy
    bien, lo he agregado a favoritos y volveré asiduamente a leer
    lo que escribais.


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