Opus Cruz in collaboration with artist Alana Ashley

Beth Headshots

Liam Headshots

collage 4

Insecure2 headshots




Black and White

Alana and I work together at a professional photography studio in Bristol, Alana does all the fantastic make up for our clients and after so many hours of working together we have finally managed to actually do something of our own. Alana has been a professional creative artist for over 8 years, from beauty make up to gruesome horror FX, vintage transformations and dramatic body art.

Alana first started her creative journey when she was volunteering in Peru, and she had a go at face painting street children. Already having a BAhons degree in art, Alana went on to achieve a diploma in Theatrical and media make up at City of Bristol college to combine her passion for face/body painting and her life time passion for art. Ever Since Alana has worked closely with Bristol’s renowned circus and burlesque scene, local and national newspapers and magazines, the BBC, Samsung, and with some of Bristol’s finest photographers, designers and models.

Alana not only focuses on make up, but she also does taxidermy, the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins, bones or feathers of animals, having created some beautiful headpieces, like the ones on this photos, as well as jewellery and much more.

For this project we wanted to bring the focus into these headpieces, hence why we used naked models, this way the nature and raw aspect of it is more intensified. We also tried to bring different emotions and stories into this images, having shooting them in different sets to highlight those, there is a variety of images here so we hope you like them and tell us your vision on it. Scroll down to leave a comment.

 hopefully we will be sharing more of our collaborations with you very soon.

If you would like more info or contact Alana Ashley, You can go to her website www.alana.lowpitch.com.

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