3 ways

Me tooWill youMale Virility PromiseI willtake my lightStrength Look me in the eyes

 This was one of my first projects and it happened almost by accident. This day we were meant to do a Fashion Shoot, but due to location and weather we had to improvise. We were supposed to do our photo-shoot on a roof top of my hairstylist’s loft in the centre of Brighton, when we all climb up there, we quickly realised that it was a bit too windy and for safety reasons we decided to just jump across the wall and use the next doors roof. It was above a commercial building and we didn’t think it would be a problem to use the space for a few minutes. The view was amazing, we could see the whole of Brighton as well as the sea, with the dark and dramatic skies I was getting very excited about this photos. As I’m setting up lights this man in a tie very quickly appeared and rushed us off his roof saying we weren’t allowed there, after I tried to explain that it was for a photo-shoot and we wouldn’t be more than a few minutes, the man was still not buying it, so we were left with no option but retire back into the loft. As we tried to warm up to a cup of tea, I was trying to work out what could be done so that we wouldn’t waste the day, I had a full team with me and I could just see the disappointment on people’s faces. While I’m downing this tea and look around the room I found this light saber and almost like by magic this idea straight away came into my mind.

This collection of images tells the story of a woman who is struggling to making a very important decision in her life. She has two stunning men and it has got to the point where the pressure has gotten to her. These men had enough of not being taken seriously and they want to know, there and then, what exactly is holding her back. The Young well established woman, finds herself duelling between men as both  offer different things. One is the love of her life, sensitive, passionate and an artist, the other is a powerful, successful and a very strong character where she feels mostly safety and security. In fear of ending up alone, the woman reaches the wall and she feels that its time to take responsibility. Will she follow her heart? lost in the darkness, if only there was a light to guide her.”

  Models: Will Taylor, Elisabeth Carr and Rafael Romero;     Hair: Bethan Dacey; Make-up: Eve Moss

Photos by Luis Cruz

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